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Prasad, Bhandara, Langar food ingredients now tax free

Taking into account growing demand for not imposing GST on eatables/Prasad/Bhandara/Langar at religious places, the Central government has started a scheme which seeks to reimburse Central Share of CGST and IGST on items for Food/Prasad/Langar/Bhandara offered free of cost by Charitable Religious Institutions. The Ministry of Culture, Government of India has introduced a new scheme namely […]

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Bangladesh:Heartbreaking violence against Hindus in pics

Bangladesh Minority Watch, a human rights agency has released pictures of its fact-finding missions that it undertook to investigate extreme violence against the Hindu community. The pictures show the extent of material violence that shook the struggling minority but what about the mental agony? None can measure that. Many Bangladesh Hindus wonder if they can live […]

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Bangladesh Hindus grieve as another Temple gets desecrated

Bangladesh Hindus are under severe attack in the country as the administration has failed to stop growing Islamism that is threatening to make Bangladesh another Pakistan. Bangladesh Minority Watch has reported that statues of Hindu deities (Ma Kali ) were desecrated at village Pokati in the Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila of Thakurgaon District. Bangladesh daily also carried […]

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Who else remembers Kashmiri Pandits?

In India, Kashmiri Pandits genocide is a topic that rarely gets anyone either angry or distressed, not at least in the Lutyens, which long back realized that this community is not big enough to be anyone’s vote bank.  So why even bother to pay lip service? That the lakhs of Indians, Kashmiri Pandits, were forced out […]