Malaysia: Hindraf chairman threatened and attacked for supporting opposition

Hindraf, Malaysia, Waythamoorthy, Malaysian Indians, Vashi Sharma, Agniveer

Malaysia was left stunned after Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy was today attacked in his office by unknown assailants who entered the area claiming to be there for making a ‘delivery.’ His wife was also attacked and her gold chain and mobile phone were snatched by the assailants.

The Free Malaysia Today carried this report which also noted that Waythamoorthy believed that this attack was due to his support for the opposition.

Waythamoorthy’s lawyer, S Karthigesan, was quoted by this Malaysian daily as saying that “within seconds, the perpetrators broke open the glass panel doors and entered his premises.”

The Hindraf chairman was then repeatedly punched and “several bags of liquid were hurled into his room as the assailants shouted acid.”

It is crucial to state here that the men warned Hindraf chief to not mess with the government, as noted by the Malaysian paper.

Hindraf, Malaysia, Waythamoorthy, Malaysian Indians, Vashi Sharma, Agniveer
Office space where the scuffle took place. Pic by Free Malaysia Today reached out to P Waythamoorthy on this assault done on him and was told that he was okay.

His assault has also rung alarm bells in India as Hindraf Chief is a widely known figure in India having fought battles for the marginalized Malaysian Indians and also for his assertive ‘no-entry to Zakir Naik in Malaysia’ stance.

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President of Agniveer, Vashi Sharma, who also keeps an eye on Hindu human rights issues worldwide, in a strongly worded statement condemned this assault and demanded high-end security for Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy. Calling this an attack on the entire Malaysian Indian community, he felt that this was an attempt to keep Hindus away from sharing power.

Vashi Sharma also hoped that Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy will not be browbeaten by these attacks.

Hindu population of Malaysia stands at around 6.3% and most of them are of Indian origin and hence are known as the Malaysian Indians.

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