Bangladesh: Take food, embrace Islam, group tells Hindus (Video)

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By Namta Gupta

In Bangladesh, Hindus have been told by a voluntary group to embrace Islam while giving them some ration supplies. In short, even pandemic like coronavirus is failing to stop coerced conversions.

The group named Bangla Aid also tried to use duplicitous tactics by claiming to the vulnerable Hindus that Muslims are being persecuted in India while being oblivious to the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh.

‘Bangla Aid,’ the group in question distributed some food to the families in Noagaon, Sreemangal’s Sadar union on April 22nd. This included 60 Muslim and 20 Hindu families. Bangla Aid went live on Facebook during the distribution and it is here where the netizens spotted the outrageous offer.

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In the live video, the volunteer named Sumon Mia made claims against India saying that “although Hindus are persecuting Muslims in India, we have given relief to Hindus here. Now, if anyone converts to Islam, we’d welcome them.”

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While giving food to a Hindu woman he goes on to press for conversion in lieu of food and said that now if you know Islam is right, then do embrace Islam.

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Due to religious persecution in Bangladesh, thousands of Hindus have migrated to India with one report suggesting that there won’t remain a single Hindu in Bangladesh in 30 years.