Bangladesh: Hindu boy murdered for his faith

Bangladesh Hindu boy murdered

Dhaka, February 23, 2016: Bangladesh which is mourning the assassination of a Hindu priest by the Islamic State’s foot soldiers is shocked by the latest report that a 10-year old Hindu boy has been murdered, allegedly for his religion.

The name of the deceased boy is Sajib Majumdar and he used to live in the village Kodaldhoya of Agoiljhara Upazila of Barisal district.

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The child was killed by unknown perpetrators on last Saturday and his body was found dumped in a fishery project by the local police.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) contacted the father of the deceased boy who was inconsolable and he told the human rights advocate Rabindra Ghosh that “My son was a brilliant student of the school and was reading in Class IV. My son went untraceable after he went to Batra Bazar with his elder brother.

The father of the victim also alleged that the son was murdered due to his religion and said that a case must be filed and the perpetrators responsible for murdering the child should be arrested and be tried under the law.

Bangladesh Minority Watch expressed shock at the brutal killing of Sajib Majumdar and has demanded prompt legal action to put an end to such crimes which are happening at the regular intervals in the country.

Yesterday, Taslima Nasreen, Bangladeshi writer living in India, wrote on her Twitter account that the Islamists in Bangladesh want to force Hindus out of the country.

The crimes against the minorities are increasing in Bangladesh with the widespread radicalization that the government and the religious leadership seems incapable to stop.

Earlier we had reported about the Hindu man who was attacked by land grabbers and the brutal beheading of a Hindu man Tarun Dutta in Bangladesh.

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