Bangladesh: Hindus flee after mob attacks, sets houses on fire on charge of insulting Islam

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New Delhi, November 1, 2020: Hindu houses at Bangor Bazar, Muradpur thana of Comilla district, were set on fire by mob who accused two Hindu boys, Anik and Shankar of insulting Islam this afternoon.
Due to a lack of police action on the mob, many Hindus have already fled from the area fearing more attacks.
Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch contacted  Md. Zahangir Alam Additional S.P and Md.Kamruzzaman O.C.of Bangra Bazar who claimed that the police is tackling the situation and scattering the mob.
Police have already arrested Hindu man Anik and Shankar for blasphemy against Islam, however, the crowd is not dispersing.
In the past month, as many as 5 Hindus have been apprehended on the charge of blasphemy.
From Durga Puja till the end of Diwali, like an annual event, blasphemy against Islam is often raked up to target the Hindus and force them to flee to neighboring India.
Bangladesh is simmering due to the comments made by French President Emmanuel Macron after the gruesome murder of a French teacher named Samuel Paty. Macron had spoken out strongly against terrorism but some of his comments were deemed offensive to Islam by groups in Bangladesh.
This is the video doing the rounds on social media depicting the attack.
Due to blasphemy related protests and threats in Bangladesh, French leader Marine Le Pen has already urged her government to put an immediate moratorium on immigration. She said: “In view of the new ultra-violent demonstrations today in #Bangladesh (demonstrators who called to behead our ambassador), and #Pakistan, I call for an immediate moratorium on immigration from these countries, in the name of national security. MLP.”