Celebrity Pastors come under Instagram user’s radar, get called out for expensive footwear

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Christian Pastors are being called out for their expensive lifestyles.

Like a Pastor wore Air Yeezy 2 which costs somewhere around USD 5611!

While another Pastor can be seen wearing a leather belt with Double G Gucci belt and it would set someone back by USD 450!

If you want to know about how lavish the Christian Pastors are living then check out Instagram handle ‘preachersnsneakers.’

The page run by an anonymous user has already got around 69,000 users with many agreeing that Pastors need to live a humble life. One may argue that why should they live a humble life? It’s their money and their choice?

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Well! No!

It may come as a surprise but a huge population of the United States attends church either regularly or semi-regularly. Now, among this population, some 10 to 25% attendees give ‘tithes.’ Tithes are roughly 10% of the money that one makes and the Church goers pay this as part of their duty. So in a way, a Pastor is being funded by a church-goer and the attendees want some answers!

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