Christian man killed for apostasy in Bangladesh?

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Dhaka, March 23, 2016: A Christian man who was also a freedom fighter and a senior citizen lost his life in Bangladesh because he left Islam 17-years ago.

Hossain Ali (65) was a converted Christian man who was living in Kurigram Sadar of Bangladesh and was brutally killed by unknown perpetrators on March 22, 2016.

The murder happened near the Confidence Coaching Center of the Kurigram Sadar of Kurigram District at about 7 am.

It is believed that the murderers were motivated to punish the Christian man for having committing apostasy which is one of the reasons because of which several Atheists and bloggers have also been targeted in the country.

Hossain Ali is reported to be a freedom fighter who fought against Pakistan for the liberation of Bangladesh but this did not stop the zealots from attacking the man who fought for their very survival and even the country’s.

As per the statement of the son of the deceased Christian man, it has come to light that his father and his family members converted to Christianity from Islam 17 years ago.

It is this that enraged the Islamic zealots to commit this crime. A Bangladeshi daily the Daily Ittefaq dated 23.03.16 has also covered the crime.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW), the minority watchdog based in the country, contacted Md. Zamiruddin who is the Officer in Charge of Kurigram Sadar police station over his mobile who told the team that Md. Tobarak Ullah, S.P. of Kurigram, has visited the spot and sent the dead body for the post-mortem.

But so far the police have not been able to identify the killers of the deceased Christian man.

What is even more worrisome is that the Officer-in-Charge said that no one has filed an F.I.R. at the police station till the writing of this report.

BDMW is also independently investigating the modus-operandi of such murders.

But this is not an isolated incident, and with the country plunging further into extremism, tough times lie ahead for the minorities. For more click here.