Persecution amidst Coronavirus: Accept Islam or else will kill you (Video)

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Even Coronavirus has failed to stop zealots from forcibly converting the Pakistani Hindus.

On April 12th, 2020, a Hindu family was attacked and threatened with death by a Moulvi named Usman for their failure to embrace Islam in Karachi, Pakistan.

This recent case of persecution is from PIA township.

A video of the complaint that has since gone viral shows the Hindu family accusing Moulvi Usman, son of Safdar, of assaulting the matriarch of the house.

In the video, it was told that Usman grabbed her and then slapped her repeatedly asking her to read Kalma and embrace Islam.

The man says in the video that first the man attacked his brother Basant Kumar and then attacked his mother. After thrashing she was told to read Kalma; an important religious obligation to become a Muslim.

Basant Kumar’s father was an engineer and worked with Pakistan International Airline.

The skull cap of the attacker could also be seen lying on the floor in the video. The attacker while carrying this assault also shattered the window glasses.

Usman told the family that ‘you will not be spared and will be killed for not accepting Islam.’

The man in the video also says that a Moulvi (Muslim religious figure) named Shahid lives in their neighbourhood and he and his people have been doing namaz on the terrace of their bulding. He says that since they are Hindus hence, they did not object since they live in a Muslim country and their denial could be blown out of proportions by vested interests.

But the same Moulvi three days earlier tried to provoke a fight with Basanth and threatened them saying that he will settle scores with the family soon.

Should India step in to save Afghan Hindus and Sikhs?

Pakistan is often in the news for wrong reasons, earlier, a Pakistani welfare group denied food to Pak Hindus and Christians.

Due to forced conversions, several Pakistani Hindus leave Pakistan every month and take shelter in neighbouring India.

Namta Gupta