First Pakistani Hindu Captain of Merchant Navy tells kids to aim for the skies!

First Pakistani Hindu Captain, Vijay Vaghella, Pakistan, Hindu community

First Pakistani Hindu Captain has only words of inspiration and appreciation for his family, his mother, wife, and his brothers who stood by him while he worked hard to achieve his dream.

The first Pakistani Hindu Captain stops at nothing to extend the praise to his community as well which has never stopped appreciating his achievement ever since it came to light that Vijay Vaghella, is now ‘the’ Captain Vijay Vaghella.

Vijay Vaghella is the first Hindu captain in the  Merchant Navy and this is no small feat for the minuscule diminishing community that has been hit by waves of persecution and tragedies for long.

In his first address to the gathering, the first Pakistani Hindu Captain said that behind the success of every man stands a woman. In his life, he said that this was done by his mother and his wife.

He also gave credit to his brother and his community.

The first Pakistani Hindu Captain said:

I am very happy that my community gave me a chance to share my success with you and I am very happy that the community encouraged me. I would like to give a message to the children of my community that nothing is impossible. Try your level best. You will get success.  It is education which is the most important thing, he said addressing the children around.

Watch him speak here:

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