Major gas pipeline re-routed to protect American Hindu sacred place!

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A major gas pipeline was re-routed skipping the sacred sites of New Vrindaban Holy Dham focused on Lord Krishna near Moundsville in rural West Virginia bringing cheers to the American Hindu community.

This gas pipeline is being built by Rover Pipeline, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners whose another pipeline project by the subsidiary Dakota Access faced highly publicized protests in North Dakota. The Rover and New Vrindaban officials reportedly reached a settlement over pipeline route around this multi-dimensional Hindu temple complex which is a prominent American Hindu sacred place.

Rajan Zed thanked Energy Transfer Partners for giving due regard to the feelings of the area and the American Hindu community and sacredness of Hindu sites. He also commended the American Hindu community for making efforts and seeking a solution for saving the sacred sites.

Zed who is the President of Universal Society of Hinduism, urged all businesses to work towards respecting and accommodating the religious sentiments of the believers.

Rover Pipeline, involving an investment of about $4.2 billion, is a new interstate 713-mile natural gas pipeline that is designed to transport 3.25 billion cubic feet per day of domestically produced natural gas to markets in USA and Canada. Energy Transfer Partners is a Fortune 500 company, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Dallas, which reportedly owns-operates one of the largest most diversified portfolios of energy assets in USA. Kelcy L. Warren is CEO.

A little more about this American Hindu sacred institution:

New Vrindaban” (The land of Krishna) holy dham community, founded in 1968 in the Appalachian Mountains and also known as “sacred village”; includes Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra Mandir, Palace of Gold (with rose gardens and over 100 water fountains), Organic Garden, Cow Barn (with over 50 cows, it is claimed to be the “longest running cow protection program in the Western World”), scenic areas, Retreat Center & Yoga Platform, etc. Various Hindu festivals (Diwali, Janmastami, Ramnavami, Holi, etc.) are celebrated here, besides 24-hour kirtan. It is also involved in promoting vegetarianism, spiritual education, etc., and receives thousands of pilgrims/visitors annually. The second of the seven proposed temples, Radha Gopinath Mandir, is reportedly under construction in the complex. Jaya Krishna Das is the President.

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