Hindu boy who was stripped by radicals to know his religion still awaits justice

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Minority Hindu boy Mrinmoy Majumder (23) still awaits justice.

The Hindu boy was a student of the Jahangir Nagar University of Bangladesh when he was attacked and the attackers stripped him naked to check whether he was circumcised or not.

His circumcision status would have meant that Mrinmoy was a Muslim and he could have been left all alone by the religiously motivated attackers.

Bangladesh, Hindu boy, Muslim, Islam, circumcision, strip
Mrinmoy Majumder Source of Pic: Eibela

The attackers however soon found out that he was not a Muslim and in anger, they stabbed at his throat, kidney and chest. They wanted to kill him on the spot. This attempted murder took place at Fakirhat Upazila of Bagerhat district in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, Hindu boy, Muslim, Islam, circumcision, strip
Hindu boy was brutally attacked as soon it was found that he was not a Muslim. Source of Pic: Eibela

The incident took place on 28.06.2016 and later Mritunjoy Majumdar, father of the victim, lodged a first information report at Fakirhat police station case No;15 dated 29/06/2016 under section 341/323/326/380 penal code against four unknown attackers.

Eibela covered this news as well.

Hindu boy’s father fails to mention the stripping in the F.I.R due to threats

In connection with this religiously motivated assault on the Hindu boy, the Bangladesh police arrested one perpetrator Ariful Islam Rajib, but the court has granted him bail.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) contacted Mohammad Bazlur Rahaman- Officer in Charge of Fakirhat police station who said that a case has been lodged by the father of the victim and a suspected person has been arrested but he also said the perpetrator got bail from the court.

BDMW also inquired why it was not mentioned in the police records that the Hindu boy was stripped by the perpetrators to check on his circumcision status. To this, the O.C. said, that during the launch of an F.I.R this was not stated.

Later, BDMW also contacted the Mrintunjoy Majumdar father of the victim who said that he was given threats and was intimidated. He said that was warned to not mention that the stripping was done to find the religious status of the boy.

In fact, the father of the Hindu boy said that it was due to the neglectful attitude of the local administration that made sure that he would not even dare to write these things in the FIR.

BDMW has said that such assaults are against the principles of peaceful coexistence and is hoping that the police will take action soon. But how would it do so with the half-baked FIR?

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