Hindu doctor brutally beaten allegedly due to his faith

Hindu doctor, Bangladesh, Hindu persecution, beaten, torture, Monoranjan Haldar

Dhaka, April 5, 2016: Monoranjan Haldar, a village doctor belonging to the minority Hindu community, was mercilessly beaten by an influential figure in Bangladesh, says human rights watchdog Bangladesh Minority Watch. The Hindu doctor was attacked by Mohammad Rezaul Karim- Union Parishad Chairman of Gowla within Mollahat Upazila of Bagerhat District.

This attack on the Hindu doctor was done by Rezaul Karim due to the faith of the victim on 23rd March, 2016. The daily Ittefaq dated 30th March 2016 reported the latest atrocity in which faith of the victim provoked the attacker.

Angered by this attack on the Hindu doctor, the local people demonstrated against Mohammad Rezaul Karim and admonished him for his communal stance on other religious groups living in Bangladesh.

The local people formed a human chain to demand a fair trial against the chairman.

Speakers at the demonstration stressed that: “There was no reason of beating Monoranjan Haldar.”

During the gathering it was said that only due to religious bias this physical assault was made on the Hindu doctor.

The local chairman Rezaul Karim has denied this allegation and said: “I went to mitigate a problem on women affairs and I did not commit any cognizable offense.”

Bangladesh Minority Watch spoke with Md. Khairul Anam, Officer in Charge of Mollahat police station, over his mobile who claimed that there was no complaint made by the victim Hindu doctor.

But the locals are alleging that the influential local Chairman is threatening Monoranjan Haldar to not dare lodge any complaint.

This is one of the latest atrocities that have come to fore from Bangladesh and it is to be seen what action or investigation would take place in this matter. The dismal record of human rights in Bangladesh is certainly going to be worrisome for the government of Bangladesh.