Hindu Temple desecrated, police role sparks anger

Hindu, Temple, Desecrated, Bangladesh

Dhaka, July 13, 2016: A Hindu Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga was found desecrated on Monday (July 11, 2016) by unknown perpetrators.

Five Hindu deities were demolished by perpetrators in the Hindu Temple and the police ‘suggested’ that the desecrated deities be thrown into the river. The instruction with this regards came from the Officer in Charge of Sharishabari police station-Jamalpur District.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) says that on 11th July 2016 perpetrators with the motive to desecrate a Hindu holy site entered the premises of the Hindu Temple and demolished the idols. The police were informed by the Puja Committee but police instead of helping the victims ‘suggested’ that throwing the mutilated idols into a river was better. The result was that an aggrieved Hindu community stopped the puja in the Temple till the perpetrators are brought to justice.

As per the BDMW, five broken hands of the Durga Protima (Mohamaya Durga Temple) in the Shimla Bazar area were found when on 12th July by a devotee named Nirmal Chandra Saha who came to the Hindu Temple for worship.

He saw the desecrated deities and informed the Advisory Committee of the Puja Parishad and police was informed. The police came to the spot at about 1 p.m. but didn’t take any interest in the case.

Mr. Noni Gopal Saha – President of Puja Ujjapan Parishad said Hindus stopped puja due to anger at the desecration of deities which is now a common occurrence in the nation. He also said that they want to launch a FIR.

BDMW contacted Mohammad Billal Uddin- Officer in Charge of Sharishabari police station who denied the allegation of throwing deities into the river but he admitted that the desecration of the Hindu Temple took place and that the necessary action would be taken as per case No.09 dated 13.07.2016 under section 448/295/34 of penal code lodged by Nikanta Saha –Secretary of Puja committee.

Mohammad Nizamuddin – S.P. Jamalpur District was also contacted in this regard and he said that only after investigation the names of perpetrators would come into light and police officers responsible for unwanted ‘suggestions’ would also be punished.