Malaysia: Hindus move to Police over insult of Hindus and Sikhs

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Malaysian Hindu group Malaysian Hindu Dharam Mamandram filed a report on July 4th, 2019 against claims made by against Hindus and Sikhs, both minorities in Malaysia, in a program organized by a Christian group.

The program was organized as program ‘COME AND BE HEALED’ by The Kajang Assembly of God (KOAG) in 29th June at Jalan Timur.

The Hindu group says that the flyer distributed by the group had elements of ‘deceit to lure’ and to ‘demean the belief’ of Hindus and Sikhs in Malaysia’s multiracial society.

Australian Pastor Kul Bal was one of the reasons for the complaint as he claimed that he converted from the Hindu-Sikh background to embrace Christianity.

His background as propagated on the flyer is widely being perceived as being injurious to the beliefs of Hinduism and Sikhism adherents as it is seen as an ‘attempt to confuse, scorn the beliefs, and convert the Hindus and Sikhs to Christianity’ after bringing them to the program ‘to get healed,’ reads the complaint accessed by

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The group also has questions with regards to the said ‘healing’ and whether the healing is just another name to lure the unsuspecting minorities.

It further says that KOAG ‘deliberately’ distributed these flyers promoting Pastor Kul Bal as he has elements of ‘extremism’ due to a quote attributed to Pastor which reads that he has a ‘burning desire to see all nations come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Guided by the fire and reign of the Holy Spirit.’

The Hindu group filed a case under section 298A for disrupting the harmony between different religions.

Earlier too, Malaysian Hindu groups have shut down a program over conversions in Nepal.