Man apologizes for making ‘beef’ joke during Putrassi (video)

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A man named Logie Naidoo has apologized to the South African Hindu community after making a beef joke in a viral video that has since been condemned by several South African Hindu groups.

Naidoo could be seen saying in the video that he would break his Purtassi fast by eating a beef burger.

He was filmed at a Steers outlet in Mount Edgecombe last week by a Facebook group by the name of Dala U Crew.

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The members of this group had gathered to film an advertisement.

Putrassi is annual month-long fasting and festival period in the Tamil Calendar and which Lord Vishnu is worshipped and eating meat, alcohol etc are banned. Naidoo even went a step further by claiming that he consumed beef burgers during this sacred period thus angering the Tamil Hindu community.

In the video, Naidoo could be seen mocking the fasting Hindus and said that ‘I hope you’ll keeping up the fast Pitr Paksha, Purtassi and you’ll not watching porn videos and all.’

Naidoo also added that ‘Today I get to break my fast’ and then said that “I am chewing this beef burger, firstly, as a Hindu, not supposed to chew this beef. Secondly, it (is) Purtassi month but what the f@**.’

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Religious insensitivity or just stupid funny? A video of #LogieNaidoo being shot by the popular #FacebookGroup #DalaUCrew has surfaced and it’s packed with religious mockery of just humor? You decide. . Logie Naidoo is seen being shot at a Steers franchise by Facebook group #DalaUCrew. Naidoo in the video explains that he is there, at the #Steers franchise to break his fast by consuming a beef burger. Naidoo is heard saying, Hi there guys, how your'll doing today? hope you'll keeping up the fast Pitr Pakh, Purtassi. And you'rll not watching #pornvideos and all. . They told me your'll Dala U Crew is a biggest bunch of madhirs. . Today I get to break my fast I won't tell my vrou, all in days work you know I have to chow this beef burger I am doing it for the ad you know what I mean. . God will forgive me, I'm chowing this beef burger, firstly as a Hindu not supposed to chow this beef. Secondly it Purtassi month but what the f*ck! . is this religious mockery of just humor? You decide. . To be featured on #indianSpice tag us #spiceofi . Are you following us on #Instagram & #Twitter? Find us as #spiceofi #CrownTheBrown #news that matters to #SouthAfrica visit

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Ashwin Trikamjee, the president of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha, condemned Naidoo and said that they are with the South African Tamil Federation and apologize to Hindus and to retract the video.

As the condemnation grew, Naidoo apologized this Monday saying that he is a staunch Hindu and ate neither beef or pork. But it may take more time for the controversy to die out.

Beef is a huge taboo for Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism as the cow is sacred to all the three faiths.

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