A Man In China Chains His Dog To Car And Drags Him To Death

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A horrific incident of animal cruelty has come to light in China, where a man chained his dog to his car and dragged him until he died. The shocking incident triggered public outrage immediately after the video hit the internet. A dog is a man’s best friend, but humanity fails them repeatedly.

Some of the reactions were:

“He should be strongly condemned.”

“Please use your cell phone to forward the news ASAP!”

“Foreign countries have anti-cruelty laws for animals. Why we still don’t have any?”

Hours after the video surfaced, the driver was caught and beaten up by the netizens who found him via a flash search. The killer Qi Bin issued a public apology and explained why he killed the dog. Here is his apology:

I, Qi Bin, sincerely apologize for the dog abuse incident on August 1st with remorse. I also apologize to the netizens and dog lovers who pay constant attention to this incident.

I adopted the stray dog two years ago. It got sick recently and started to attack me twice, and my colleague once. I regret for what I had done on August 1st. It was a shame. Therefore, I once again offer my sincere apology to everyone.

I am so sorry!

But, was killing him the only solution? Shouldn’t the dog have been taken to a vet and got proper treatment? Why the cruelty?

We have a question to ask: As can be seen from the video, there were many present then why didn’t anybody stop this inhumane act at the first instance? Was recording this incident more important?

Sadly, we think we know the answers, and so do all of us! And things like this will continue to rile us up from time to time, and humanity will fail again.

Featured Image: Animalia-life.com