Pakistan: Hindu community and temple attacked near Mirpurkhas

Pakistan Pakistani Hindu persecution

Mirpurkhas, February 25, 2016: The Hindu community’s troubles in Pakistan are refusing to get over.

A report has come to light that the Meghwar And the Kolhi Hindu community which is living in the village Rao Babu Ehsan near Miprurkhas were attacked by an extremist feudal lord Haji Bashir Rao.

He not only got the houses of the Hindu community attacked but he also went ahead and got the Hanuman Mandir demolished as well. The statues of the Hindu Gods were also stoned.

Hindu Temple destruction Pakistan

Haji Bashir Rao and his men harassed and attacked Hindu women and children as well.

But the civil society activists, local administration and the Pakistani politicians are mum on this issue.

Pakistan People’s Party senator Hari Ram Kishori Lal paid a visit and promised support to the terrified Hindu community. But even after 3 days post the visit no action has been taken to bring the perpetrator to justice.

The Hindu community of this village has 150 houses and 6-Hindu Temples and all these temples are almost 150 years old.e Hindu Meghwar and the Kolhi community have been living in this village from before partition of the sub-continent.

The Hindu Meghwar and the Kolhi community have been living in this village even before the birth of Pakistan.

Hindu persecution Pakistan

Haji Bashir Rao wants to occupy this land because he wants to build a fuel station.

First, the Hindu Marriage Bill drew ire of the Hindus because of a clause that is aimed at helping the Muslim radicals to do more forced conversions and now this latest attack on the community at the Mirpurkhas has left them devastated.

Pakistan Pakistani Hindu persecution

Mirpurkhas was also in news when an insulting slipper was released in the market which also had the sacred Hindu symbol ‘OM’ atop it. The news came to light when the Pakistani Hindu community started protesting and demanded that the accused Muslim too be booked under the draconian Blasphemy laws which are regularly applied against Pakistani Christians and Pakistani Hindus in the country.

BBC Journalist at Karachi Pakistan had also tweeted the picture of the sandal but no one paid heed to the Hindu community’s pleas. This shoes was made by a factory in Pakistan’s Lahore, Punjab.

Hindu persecution Pakistan om sandal

The continuous cycle of violence, land grabbing, forced conversions and other such atrocities has led the hapless Hindu community of Pakistan to migrate to India.

What adds to their woes is the Pakistani mainstream media’s silence on the atrocities.

Pic credit: Mukesh Meghwar and Twitter