Pakistan: Hindu reporter told to drink from separate glass

Toto Bheel, Pakistan, Hindu, reporter, Sahib Khan Oad

Islamabad, June 28, 2016: It is getting worse for Hindu community in Pakistan.

A Hindu reporter who comes from, Dadu district, Sindh, and completed his Master’s from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad found out that his caste and religion are a serious issue for his colleagues.

The Tribune, Pakistani newspaper, has reported that Sahib Khan Oad who is a senior reporter with the Pakistani government news agency, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), has been barred from drinking water from which his Muslim colleagues drink in and he is being forced to drink water from a separate glass. He is also barred from sharing other utensils.

This treatment began after the Muslim colleagues realized that Sahib Khan Oad was a Hindu after his younger son, Raj, paid a visit to his office. Initially due to ‘Khan’ in his name, his colleagues had thought that he was a Muslim too.

Many Pakistani Hindus are leaving Pakistan due to discrimination and in recent days an elderly Hindu man Gokal Das was brutally beaten up by a police officer for eating rice 40 minutes prior to Ramazan.


Toto Bheel, Pakistan, Hindu, reporter, Sahib Khan Oad

Toto Bheel

Meanwhile, earlier, the Bheel Community was angry as it protested outside the Hyderabad Press Club on Sunday (June 26, 2016) for the recovery of 10-year old Toto Bheel who was abducted allegedly by the local landlord Abdul Ghafoor Khoso from Khandu near Hala.

Toto Bheel, Pakistan, Hindu, reporter, Sahib Khan Oad