Pak Hindus join Muslims, aggrieved over persecution of Rohingyas (Pics)

Pak Hindu group Hindu Sudhar Sabha or HSS, a non-government and non-profit community organisation, working for the protection of human rights especially rights of women & religious minorities stood up for Rohingyas.

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Aggrieved at the tales of horror coming from Myanmar, the Pak Hindu NGO organized a protest to demand human rights for Rohingyas on September 11 at 3 pm at Lahore Press Club.

Pak Hindus, Pakistan, Hindu Sudhar Sabha, Rohingyas

Pak Hindus, Pakistan, Hindu Sudhar Sabha, Rohingyas

Pak Hindus, Pakistan, Hindu Sudhar Sabha, Rohingyas

The Pak Hindu community demonstrated outside the Lahore Press Club to denounce Myanmar’s treatment of Rohingya Muslims and appealed to the United Nations to send a fact-finding mission in the territory to investigate the conflict and provide immediate help to the mistreated minority.The civil society members also joined the protest demonstration, arranged by the Hindu Sudhar Sabha organisation, to urge Myanmar to stop committing genocide and take back those who have sought refuge elsewhere.

The protesters asked Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to play her role as Myanmar’s de facto leader to take concrete action to protect the people in Rakhine state. Many Hindus of Myanmar have also fled due to the violence. In this protest women also participated to demand justice for Rohingyas.

However, this protest was largely ignored by the Pakistani media. To know the current situation of Myanmar’s Rohingyas, click below:

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