Pakistani Muslim woman speaks up for Pakistani Hindus and Christians

Pakistani Muslim woman Mahwash Ajaz has said something that many deny in Pakistan, i.e., the persecution of the minorities via blasphemy laws and the forced conversion of Hindus.

A well-known face in Pakistan’s journalistic circles, this Pakistani Muslim woman made her voice vocal and said:

Tolerance for religions & faiths isn’t a one-way street. You can’t expect people to only respect Islam & then make fun of Hindus & Christians.

Pakistani Muslims regularly use derogatory terms for minorities & persecute them.

They burned Christian homes, they kill Ahmedis & forced conversions of Hindus exist since God knows how long & they call Shias kafir.

How is stopping all this not a priority by FIA?

Religious sentiments aren’t just a sensitive topic for Muslims, they are important to ppl of every faith. Pakistani authorities need to stop making Muslims into special snowflakes & start witch hunting or give more way to blasphemy laws being used to settle scores.

While the bold take of this Pakistani Muslim woman is praiseworthy, do know that she is one of the very few and largely this space is occupied by people like these as’s coverage has proved.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly passes the Hindu Marriage Bill 2016 after amendments made by its Senate to regulate marriages of Hindus in Pakistan. But what about the forced conversion of married Hindu women? That is the big question.

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