In this country, insulting small breasts can land you in jail!

In Thailand insulting small breasts can land you in a jail for a year or leave your pocket light when you will be forced to pay 1000 Baht fine.

A Thai lawyer named Worayuth Bunwongsai had commented that nasty tit-bits on small breasts especially when the insults are taken to the cyberspace could lead to even harsher penalties. He was responding to a query which wondered: “Someone insulted my small breasts. Can I file a police complaint?”

Several newspapers and reports carried this news often ridiculing the comments made by the lawyer claiming that this perhaps is a little too much.

Dear men, will you wear a bra?

But Thai women have often to hear ridicule due to smaller breast size. Many even take to plastic surgery to feel more confident and Thailand indeed has one of the best plastic surgeons available.

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