Sri Lanka: Hindus make an impassioned appeal to the President

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Hindu group Siva Senai founder Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan has made an appeal to the President on behalf of the Hindus of the Northern Province. Here is what he wrote:

‘Hindus in the Northern Province humbly request His Excellency President of Sri Lanka to defer to cancel any proposed changes on the gubernatorial portfolio related to the Northern Province, even if it is a matter of routine.

Incumbent Governor, Hon Reginald Cooray had been functioning to rebuild the war devastated Northern Province through his compassionate approaches and development oriented projects.

Focusing on improving primary productivity he encourages intense developmental inputs in agricultural and fisheries sectors.

Prioritizing growth of the knowledge base, he has restructured teaching capabilities through administrative measures.

Encouraging investment to generate employment, he is soliciting broad based participation and investment by the Tamil diaspora. To promote Northern Province ‘investor friendly’, he has traveled extensively in Europe to meet potential investors and expertise migrant Tamil participants.

He is in the saddle in the absence of an elected government. The developmental progress Hon Reginald Cooray made in the fields of Agriculture, Fisheries, Education, Industries, Investments cannot hang in the mid-air in his absence. Continuity of governance is the absolute need, especially in the absence of an elected Provincial Government.

Hindus of the Northern Province respect Hon Governor Reginald Cooray with reverence. He is a popular Governor. His patiently listens to the grievances of the poorest of the poor people. Wherever possible he provides the required relief. He visits homes of exemplary performing students. He is in Tamil literary functions, speaking with ease and comfort in Tamil, to the admiration and disbelief of the native speakers. He sings Tamil songs with instrumental support at public functions, reaching the hearts and souls of his Tamil listeners. The rapport he establishes, through his speech, songs, grass-root level contacts and administrative performances, with the people of the Northern Province has become legendary.

Respecting every shade of political opinion, coupled with an apolitical approach, Hon Reginald Cooray is very popular with all politicians and political parties in the Northern Province.

We the Hindus of the North are so pleased with the excellent performance of the Governor; we wish to have him with us to guide us towards healing the wounds in bringing about the emotional and cultural reconciliation with the Buddhists of Sri Lanka.

Your Excellency may be pleased to defer to cancel any decision, if you have made, to bring any change in the gubernatorial portfolio related to the Northern Province.

Thanking you
I remain,
On behalf of the Hindus of the Northern Province, organiser of Siva Senai,

Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan
Formerly UN/FAO consultant,
Maravanpulavu, Chavakachcheri.’

This appeal has not been edited by the staff of and has been presented verbatim.


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