Tommy Robinson, right wing activist attacked, found unconscious

Tommy Robinson

Luton, February 15, 2016: The co-founder of EDL and PEGIDA UK, Tommy Robinson was attacked when he out with his wife in English town of Luton.

Tommy Robinson was found unconscious with head injuries. So far no details have emerged about the attack and the perpetrators of this attack.

A friend of Tommy Robinson, Helen Lel Gower wrote this: “Tommy attacked – for those of you asking how he is, he is okay. He was on a night out with his wife and was found unconscious they have been at the Hospital all night and he has had his head glued up, yet again! Had an xray and CT scan as well and is suffering from concussion. He is asleep at the moment but I’m sure he will be on later today.”

Tommy Robinson had recently published a book ‘Enemy of the State’ and is famous in the English Right Wing circles for his views.

He was one of the first people who spoke out against sexual grooming by certain men of Pakistani and others of the Asian origin. And although earlier these accusations were trivialized by the mainstream pundits, yet gradually his concerns on the sexual grooming of young British girls have been found to be true.

This is one reason why he, despite being called a racist by certain sections, is largely an accepted face.

Robinson had also spoken about minority rights violations in countries like Pakistan and gradually he has emerged as the credible face in the British society.

Tommy Robinson whose real name is Stephen Lennon is also popular in certain sections in India and in other countries.

Tommy was arrested in January this year two days after launching the UK branch of pan-European anti-Islamisation movement PEGIDA and charged with an assault that allegedly took place in prison in 2014.

Tommy Robinson

He was also invited to The British Hindu Temple’s Presidents Conference 2016 which led to an aggressive campaign by the left-wing activist Sunny Hundal.

Tommy Robinson

Tommy was due to engage with the Hindu community here.

The conference was later cancelled.