(Video) Islamic scholar says that Westerners suffer from Coronavirus as they do not wash after taking a dump

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Coronavirus is in news for lots of reasons but pooping? Yes! Coronavirus is in the news because some prefer wiping with toilet paper instead of water! You probably have already seen the viral WhatsApp video, but if you haven’t then here it goes!

A Jordanian Islamic scholar Ahmad Al-Shahrouri is going viral after his comments on a March 29, 2020 show on Yarmouk TV of Jordan.

Going ballistic on the Westerners he claimed that the people in the West lack purity and cleanliness, and he gave the example that they do not wash the filth from their behinds with water after pooping like the Muslims normally do.

The clip translated by Memri shows him suggesting that this is why the Westerners are suffering from viruses and diseases.

He also stated that this is the reason that now there is a shortage of toilet paper in the West as the coronavirus pandemic hit home.

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The Islamic scholar also narrated an incident where his “head almost exploded” from the stench of two Westerners he sat between on a plane.

Al-Shahrouri also added that the Muslims must praise Allah for requiring them to perform ablution which cleans them up.

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The Islamic scholar also suggested that the poor hygiene of people in the West is such that this is why France is known for producing luxurious perfumes that mask people’s filth, foulness, and odors.

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