Yazidi artist paints pain of his people, who also want Indian help

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New York, May 24, 2016: Mass murders, families torn apart, sexual slavery of young children and women, indoctrination, forced conversions, and every conceivable atrocity is what Islamic State brought with itself for the Yazidi community when it stormed to power in 2014.

Even now, the mass graves of the people slaughtered by the the Islamic State continue to surface but still the world has failed to take notice of this tiny minority of a few hundred thousands.

Branded as devil-worshippers by the Islamic State for worshipping a Peacock Angel/Melek Taus, the Yazidi community continues to suffer.

To make the world aware of the atrocities, a Yazidi artist, Ammar Salim, took to what he does best; paint the pain of the Yazidis and hope someone would take notice of them.

The pictures that Ammar Salim has painted are heart wrenching but who can deny that this is what the Yazidis faced in flesh and blood? Here are some his works:

This picture shows mourning for a child that lost life all because the Islamic State decided that the child was a devil worshipper:



Another picture depicts hopeless and painful Yazidi migration as they faced a relentless genocide. The child looks at a love-less, and heartless times ahead in a very harsh world.



From just-born babies in hands to to wailing mothers, every bit of this painting shouts out at humanity, which is content at saving itself while paying lip-service to the Yazidis.



In the Islamic state, a Yazidi woman can be sold like cattle. This painting echoes the news stories that have highlighted the unspeakable atrocities and crimes that Yazidi women and girls are facing.



The helpless Yazidis have also tried to seek help from extremely far-off places, like India, where many have never even heard of them.

A few months back a Yazidi delegation came to India and met Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev:


This delegation also met RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and met with many other influential people in India.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was the first prominent Indian face that raised the voice for the Yazidis.


The Yazidis also tried to get more Indian attention but nothing has gotten materialized:







The big question is, that how far can the world allow these atrocities to go on unchallenged?