Yemeni politician: Iran wants to divide Yemen

Assistant Secretary General, Yemeni Political Liberation Front Party, Abdul-Nasser Al-Awadli,Council of Arab Foreign Ministers ,President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi , Iran

The Assistant Secretary General of Yemeni Political Liberation Front Party, Abdul-Nasser Al-Awadli, today attacked Iran and accused it of seeking to divide Yemen and fragment it in order to control part of it and penetrate it to have a foothold, stressing that the outputs of the National Dialogue and the federal state can undermine the role of Iran to sabotage the Yemeni society.

He pointed out in his statement that the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers was briefed on the Yemeni situation and affirmed in its statement the support for the constitutional legitimacy under the chairmanship of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and also support for the measures taken by the legitimate government aimed at rectifying the situation, ending the coup, restoring security and stability to all governorates of Yemen and its unity, sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and rejection of interference in its internal affairs.

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The Government of India is providing medical assistance worth about US$ one million to Republic of Yemen in response to a request from the Yemeni government.

In a token handing over ceremony held on 27 December in New Delhi, Minister of State for External Affairs, M.J. Akbar presented a box of cholera medicines to Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen Abdulmalik Abdullah Al-Eryani.