Black swans feeding fishes or fishes grabbing food from the swans?

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Black swans perhaps do not think very highly of modern civilization which preaches the virtues of selfishness and against altruism, at least that’s what internet thought as the majority of the comments on this video showed. This is an old video shot in 2013 but the message, as per the internet comments, that it passes is timeless; sharing is caring and breaking barriers to help someone one in need is every bit the right thing to do, even though that living being may not be of the same hue or of even the same species.

The video posted by NTD television shows two black swans busy feeding the fishes who swim to them without fear while the two are hurrying to feed the hungry mouths.

The black swans are seen feeding hungry Koi fish at Swan Lake Resort in Kending Taiwan or are they really doing what the video says they are doing?

Many commentators say that swans are not into kindness or altruism (which many believe is a human concoction!) at all and are merely eating their grub. The fishes are hounding them and are opening their mouths to catch what the black swans are dropping in the water. We can see this video keeping in mind both the sides! So now let’s just enjoy!

Check out these majestic black swans in action:

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