Taking sides without knowing full truth is the real witch hunting

Kangana Ranaut, Adhyayen Suman, Shekhar Suman, Hrithik Roshan, Sussane Khan, witch

New Delhi, May 6, 2016: There is a controversy that everyone is talking about these days and that is Kangana-Hrithik-Adhyayen trilateral spat. While Kangana Ranaut started it all with her harmless silly ‘ex’ comment, Hrithik without missing a beat said it wasn’t him who was the silly ‘ex’ after the media started mentioning his name.

Later, the Kangana and Hrithik slapped each other with legal notices. Some fake photographs of Kangana and Hrithik, and other personal details started doing rounds, prompting even the ex-wife of Hrithik Roshan, Sussane Khan, to jump in and state the truth:

But indeed all hell broke lose when an interview appeared where Adhyayen Suman narrated domestic violence that he ‘allegedly’ had to face and also claimed that Kangana Ranaut used black magic, abused him and his father, and also that she was smitten with Hrithik even before they did any movie together.

The interview was explosive but what happened after it is even more cringe-worthy; now Adhyayen is being abused all across the social media and in national media with people saying stuff that would make any human being lose his faith in himself.

From feminists and journalists acting like they are know-it-alls, everyone is after him for speaking up while Kangana Ranaut is being called unmentionable things which even made  Hrithik Roshan to jump in to shut people up on Twitter when they started at her character.

In short, we have made a mockery of their lives. We still don’t know what happened, there is an inquiry going on and eventually truth would tumble out. But why should we cross the line of decency? They are actors, and yes, it is a very public spat, but why should we forget that they are humans too? Why should we forget that they have a family too who would also be bearing the brunt of all this media and social media trial?

This time, it is more to do with the journalists who in their hunger to get the ‘breaking news’ have broken even the basic rules of decency. Someone needs to advice them to calm down because in their race for ‘breaking news’ they may end up breaking and destroying someone’s life. Hrithik Roshan, Kanaga Ranaut and Adhyayen Suman may be good actors, but even they cannot act 24/7 and maintain composure when it is their dignity that is being burnt by media’s non-stop witch-hunt.

Let the sanity prevail.