US Presidential candidate dares Donald Trump to put a ban on Hindu symbol Swastika

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By Namta Gupta

New Delhi, 2nd May 2020: Joe Biden, the Democratic Party candidate set to take on Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, called Swastika ‘a symbol of hate.’

He also said that the said symbol has no place in the US.

Joe Biden tweeted on May 2nd, 2020 that:

I’ll say what Donald Trump won’t: The Confederate flag, swastikas, and other symbols of hate that have been used in these protests have no place in America. The president should encourage folks to follow Gov. Whitmer’s public health orders — not sow further discord and division.

Perhaps Biden implied Hakenkreuz, the much-feared symbol of Nazis that has since then been used by supremacists of the European society to denounce the vulnerable Jewish citizens and other minorities.

However, Hakenkreuz is absolutely different from the Hindu symbol of Swastika, because the latter is a symbol of universal goodwill and well-being.

In fact, the Cambridge dictionary openly explains what the Hakenkreuz actually is and how different it is from the Swastika:

A cross with the ends bent at right angles, adopted as the badge of the Nazi party in Germany before the Second World War.

It would have been truly Presidential of Joe Biden if he could have used the right word Hakenkreuz instead of sounding ignorant by using Swastika.

Several times Hindu citizens have come under attack due to ignorance of the true meaning of Swastika that we at have documented.

Let’s hope Biden would have the nerves to correct the historical wrong done to the Hindus, which also include Hindu Americans who support the Democratic Party, worldwide by the Nazis.

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