CT Impact: BJP leader Anant Kumar Hegde praises Pak Hindus, vows to ‘merge’ them in mainstream

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Union Minister of State for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and BJP leader Anant Kumar Hegde, taking notice of the reports by currenTriggers.com, has praised Pakistani Hindus for attaining glory in trying times.

Anant Kumar Hegde also vowed that those Pak Hindu migrants who have migrated will be merged into the mainstream.

The outspoken BJP leader taking into an article on 26 Pakistani Hindu migrants becoming Indian nationals said that ‘the process of providing security and making the lives safe for #PakistaniHindus has to be of paramount importance as we cannot afford to hold Nelson’s eye! We are on the right path of providing a complete merger of these #Hindus into our society.’

Taking note of another report on a Hindu woman becoming a judge in Pakistan, BJP leader  Anant Kumar Hegde said that ‘in the midst of ethnic cleansing of #Hindu population by #IslamicSociety, duly blessed by the government of the day, in the neighbouring country, the resilence of #Hindus have been extremely high in their contribution and attaining glories. Best wishes!’

Several religiously persecuted Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs have migrated to India in recent times. To absorb this migration and ease their woes, India’s Modi government has already initiated the  Citizenship(Amendment) Bill which would benefit Hindus, Sikhs and other persecuted communities of Bangladesh and Afghanistan also.

Pakistani Hindu migrants get Indian citizenship, but their tales of woes must still be heard