Money collection bid for Rohingyas in Kashmir rings alarm bells again

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Hari Om, a senior leader in Jammu and Kashmir and the one who was expelled from the party for forming the coalition government with PDP in the state, has again rung the alarm bells on the ‘settlement’ of Rohingyas in Kashmir.

In a series of tweets, the senior Jammu and Kashmir leader had much to reveal and also questioned the BJP over its silence on these issues.

Hari Om also asked why he was expelled when what he said is now also being said by Ram Madhav.

On this statement, even Subramanian Swamy was angry. He wondered where should the accountability be fixed.

Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Muslims are present in Jammu and Kashmir and their continuous arrival in the state has many worried. Ladakh, worried about its own welfare, is demanding that it be made into a Union Territory while Jammu is demanding de-coupling from Kashmir. Rohingya issue has become a restive issue in the state as they are considered a threat to the demography of Jammu and its Dogra identity. Due to persecution in Myanmar, many of the Rohingyas have made their way to India to take shelter while Muslim countries like Malaysia and Bangladesh are diverting their settlement requests.

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