Bangladesh: Hindu families punished by setting their houses on fire

Bangladesh, Hindus, exodus, Hinduism

34 Hindu families residing at village Pirakoir, which falls in the Manda Upazila of Nowgaon District of Bangladesh, are living under fear and persecution while the police have turned a blind eye to their sufferings.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) has reported that on 7th May, 2017 at about 5.30 pm, Hindu man Riten Saha was passing a paddy cutting machine near the walls of the property belonging to Habibur Rahman, his neighbor.

While passing by some portion of Rahman’s bamboo fencing came out.

Angered by this, members of the majority community in the leadership of Habibur Rahman attacked the Hindus and especially assaulted Riten Saha, Saptami Rani Saha, Chanda Rani Saha, Laksmi Rani Saha and Bristi Rani Saha.

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Some locals intervened to end their beatings at the hands of the enraged mob and took them to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital for treatment on the same day.

Bangladesh, Hindus, exodus, Hinduism
The houses of the victim Hindus were burnt down by an enraged mob. Pics provided by Bangladesh Minority Watch

The houses of the Hindu families were also set on fire by the mob. The Bangladesh newspaper daily Sangbad dated 18.05.2017 carried the news of the attack as well.

The perpetrators as named by BDMW are 1) Mohammad Habibur Rahman Master (47), 2) Md. Anikul Islam (40), 4) Md. Bidur Rahman (44), 5) Md. Mojibur Rahman (47), 6) Ms. Heful Begum (41), 7) Ms. Rubina Begum (38), 8) Ms. Hasina Begum (43), 9) Ms. Jahanur Begum, 10) Md. Moktar Ali (45), 11) Md. Helal (19), 12) Md. Rubel Hossain (18) of village Pirakoir. The Bangladesh Minority Watch believes that this was an attack done to grab the houses of the Hindus.

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The BDMW Human Rights team consisting of Rabindra Ghosh, T.K. Pandey and Dilip Roy visited the spot on 26th May identified the perpetrators and demanded that be arrested.

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