Jakarta to provide teachers to teach Hinduism, help in cremation

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Indonesia is in for a major education overhaul with Jakarta leading the race with a special initiative. For Jakarta’s 1,05,000 Hindu population, it is soon to provide religious teachers.

The Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan on Monday, 13th November, said that the administration will start providing weekend religious teachers for Hindu students in the nation’s capital. He made the statement during the meeting with the journalists at City Hall on Monday as per Jakartaglobe.id.

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The newspaper quotes that governor as saying that Jakarta’s local Hindu community expressed the need for their children to receive religious education, which was previously impossible due to a lack of Hindu teachers in the city. He, however, told the reporters that:

“The Jakarta government has provided [Hindu] teachers on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Baswedan also said that the administration will also purchase cremation equipment to help the local Hindus.

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In his inauguration speech in October this year, as the governor of Jakarta, Baswedan had ruffled Islamist’s feathers when he had thundered that:

“Previously, all of us pribumi [natives] were oppressed and defeated. Today, we are independent, and it’s time to become the hosts in our own country.”

Many Hindus and other traditional faith adherents had to hide their religion to escape Islamist fury and declared their religion as Islam.

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