Pakistan: After a murder, abuse directed against Hindus, Foreign Office says Hindu community helped in development

After the targeted killing of Hindu man, Chander in Sindh and abuses directed against the Hindus and Hinduism by several politicians, defence specialists and even journalists, Foreign Office spokesperson issued a statement backing the Hindu community of Pakistan.

In a statement by the Government of Pakistan, ‘the Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal admired the services of Hindu community for defence and development of Pakistan.

He said Pakistan proudly owns the white in the flag as much as the green.’

The white in the Pakistani flag signifies the minorities of Pakistan.

Hindus are being mocked and are being attacked after Indian strike at terrorist bases in Balakot.

From being called cow urine drinkers to being abused for being idol worshipers and being reminded that Muslims used to put Hindus into slavery, Hindu community saw it all and bore it all in Pakistan.

However, considering that the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is a huge fan of Mahmud Ghaznavi who in his own words was against local oppressors of the poor and downtrodden masses of Sindh, but is historically considered one of the cruelest people on earth and known for his attacks on Hindus and Temple desecrations it is unclear how this statement will end up helping Pakistani Hindus.

There are fears that another exodus at the lines of the previous strike by India will become imminent in coming days.

Namta Gupta