Tulsi Gabbard wears her Hindu identity on sleeves, sings Hare Krishna at an event (Video)

Diwali, holiday, USA

Tulsi Gabbard does not care what the majority of the press is accusing her of, ranging from being ‘pally’ with Assad to having ties with the Hindu nationalists of India.

Being called ‘Devil’ for her faith in Hinduism and God knows what else she has borne but probably she will remind many of Obama, who too was accused of being a Muslim in Christian-majority USA for the most part of his tenure.

It is a different thing that nearly all the politicians in the USA also have ties with White extremist and Christian supremacist groups but a Tulsi Gabbard, who is of mixed heritage, will be held by her throat for merely not being apologetic about her faith.

But does she even care?


If anything, she is becoming bolder and bolder in coming out as a Hindu probably because she has faith in the common American citizens that they will be ‘fair’ to her which she cannot expect the American press to be.

And American press likes to remain silent most of the times and at many times it likes to act agent provocateur as far as insulting Hindus goes contributing to rampant Hinduphobia.

Anyways, Tulsi Gabbard and her husband Abraham sang at the annual Hare Krishna Festival in Washington Square Park, New York, on June 8, 2019, and it is one of the most inspiring things to watch: