Angel Number 979: You now have a blank slate!

Shooting star dream, spiritual awakening,star, wish fulfillment, changes, blessings

Angel Number 979 is a unique number because it technically means a blank slate. It is a sign sent to those who like to start afresh or start new. These people may be those who held some sort of success in a previous venture and are in fact interested in tasting new waters. The Supreme Soul sends this Angel Number as a sign of his approval of the decision and encourages them to start a new phase without worries or expectations.

He advises them that while they must be thorough, innovative, and obviously steadfast on their chosen stream, yet they must also understand that fruit of their labour will be decided by their own karma and the fruits may take time to appear but that should not annoy or dishearten the person.

Angel Number 979 is thus much different as it offers only advice but does not assure the person of success.

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