Soulmates versus Twin Flames: Differences and Similarities

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I have constantly written about how Twin Flames are different from Soulmates and which one is more preferable in what case. However, I have never spoken my mind over the similarities despite the obvious difference that marks the two unions. Let us dive deeper into this topic again.

Soulmates are like a cluster of diamonds coming from one source and yet each soul in that cluster may be as different as chalk and cheese. Their differences end up gluing them together as each one of the Soulmate may have a quality that another may not possess. They thus become one in pursuit of knowledge, love, and companionship.

Some Soulmates may be non-romantic partners like friends, parents, siblings, Gurus, etc. who come to embark on a journey together. But Twin Flames are nearly always and always husband-wife or lovers who exhibit male and female energies to the extreme. Their coming together is the completion of a soul’s journey as they only unite when they are close to Moksha.

Twin Flames, therefore, are superior as far as spiritual realm is concerned but since they vibrate at a higher level, they also have to suffer bigger setbacks and challenges. Their triumph against these challenges is nearly always legendary and it is spoken about till the end of times. Only a battle-hardened soul that has undergone much pain and pleasure through several life cycles and yet stayed true to Dharma will ever unite with its Twin, or its other half, with the Twin also having to undergo a similar process and emerge victorious.

But yet both connections are about loving and learning; in layman’s terminology Twin Flames are beyond PhD while soulmates are inching towards PhD albeit slowly, learning through several lifecycles scattered in the material realm.

Soulmates, therefore, are also spiritually inclined and they will form the biggest supporter base for any Twin Flame. Soulmates will be the first to recognize a Twin Flame against anyone else as the overflowing wisdom in a Twin Flame also flows in the people in a Soulmate connection.

Sometimes, a much-reincarnated Soulmate connection may exhibit as much wisdom, passion, and a thirst for justice as a Twin Flame. Throughout history, we will find several kings like Shibi/Shivi who display a superior sense of justice or Dharma even enthralling the Devas. This is therefore important to highlight that the spiritual community is a nation of superior souls without land or a flag. These souls do not shy away from acknowledging someone else’s greatness irrespective of culture, nation, or language barrier.

Twin Flames have to bear the burden of a decapitated human consciousness and while they will obviously have the backing of the cosmos, nature, and every just/ Dharmic being, yet in the material world, they would need Soulmate-level individuals who would provide them a necessary anchor as and when the situation sways dangerously. It is, therefore, important to highlight the connection between the spiritual unions. Point to note is that Universe or the Supreme Soul does not grant excessive spiritual powers to Soulmates and Twin Flames alike, but it does grant them the biggest among the powers and that is to reincarnate together as and when the Dharma/Justice needs them. It is therefore important to understand that neither is more important or more exclusive than the other. Rather all old souls/ reincarnated, wise and just, souls are in this together.

Soulmates versus Twin Flames which one is best for you?

By Namta Gupta