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Recurrent outburst of twin star points towards rare future supernovae

New Delhi, December 01, 2022: Astronomers tracking the constellation Ophiuchus have spotted a recurrent nova system (a transient astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright, apparently “new” star that slowly fades over weeks or months) approximately 5,000 light-years away. Their study of data from the outburst of the star called RS Ophiuchi detected on August 8, 2021, which […]

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Scientists discover the farthest Gamma-ray emitting active galaxy with narrow emission lines

New Delhi, April 14, 2021: Astronomers have discovered a new active galaxy identified as the farthest gamma-ray emitting galaxy that has so far been stumbled upon. This active galaxy called the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 (NLS1) galaxy, which is about 31 billion light-years away, opens up avenues to explore more such gamma-ray emitting galaxies that wait […]

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Soulmates versus Twin Flames which one is best for you?

Let’s begin with the Soulmates. Soulmates are essentially love-bonds that have the choice to either focus on one relationship or many relations and gain experiences in lifetimes. If one desires a romantic compatible love that is thought-provoking and passionate then a Soulmate connection won’t fail but it would not be as intense as they primarily […]