Golden feather meaning: Abundance knocks at your door!

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Golden feather does exist to some extent in the mortal realm as some yellow feathers do appear like golden to some. However, one must probe deep to know whether the feather spotted is yellow or golden especially when seen in the dream stage.

I have mentioned that some seekers do see feathers in the dream stage. To know more about those people you can click here. Personally, I find seeing feathers in dreams preferable to the ones we find in our day-to-day life until and unless these feathers do not appear in extremely intimate and sacred spaces.

Seeing a golden feather represents the abundance that shall come to the seeker due to the push and the pull of the Universe.  The universe would no longer remain a spectator but would pull down the reigns and rein in the existing monopolies to birth a new leader, philanthropist, visionary, or a Spiritual Guru who would pave the way for a new Dharmic order.

A golden feather is sent/gifted to those with either have a golden or a rainbow aura. The aura of this person has stayed in either of these two colors for a very long period of time.

In short, this is a very good and balanced soul who has worked on himself/herself and is now capable enough to reap and sustain all kinds of abundance, riches, love and knows what it is to serve without malice or hate. This person’s presence is essential for the world as he/she is grounded in Dharma.

Pink feathers meaning: You are a caregiver cherished by the Divine 

The sole advice from Supreme Soul Lord Ganesha for this person is to keep calm, walk in nature or stay in tranquil green spaces and be ‘present’ and ‘in’ the moment as the 3D for him/her is changing.

By Namta Gupta