New low-cost iron aluminide coatings can increase corrosion resistance in harsh media to four times of mild steel

New Delhi, May 14, 2022: Scientists have developed low-cost Fe-based intermetallic powders that can be used as a corrosion-resistant coating for materials exposed to harsher environments like high temperature in thermal power plants where oxidation, corrosion, and wear and tear takes place simultaneously. The coatings showed 4 times increased corrosion resistance in the aqueous corrosive media […]

Scientists develop a new model for inferring density inhomogeneity in the solar corona

New Delhi, May 13, 2022: Scientists have developed a new theoretical model to quantify the inhomogeneity in density of solar corona generated by the turbulence in the electrically conducting, magnetized fluid present as plasma in it. The solar corona is an extremely dynamic medium. It is well established from the last few decades that electrically conducting, […]

Researchers find ways for broader design and engineering of reconfigurable magnonic crystals that can transfer information more efficiently than electrons

New Delhi, May 10, 2022: Sometime in the future, magnons may replace electrons as carriers of our thoughts and commands more efficiently. Researchers have found ways for broader design and engineering of reconfigurable functional magnonic crystals, which can show the way for magnon based computing systems and bring about a paradigm shift in computing and communication […]

New premium quality wheat variety gives soft and sweet chapati

New Delhi, May 06, 2022: Researchers have developed a wheat variety, with excellent baking quality having soft and sweet chapatis. The wheat variety called ‘PBW1 Chapati’ has been released at state level in Punjab for cultivation under timely sown irrigated conditions. Chapati, a flat baked product prepared from wheat forms a cheap, primary source of protein and calories […]

Chronic larval crowding in fruit flies steers evolution towards larger and faster hatching eggs

New Delhi, May 05, 2022: Scientists have found that populations of insects that experience chronic larval crowding all evolve to give rise to larger and faster hatching eggs, even though they vary in other adaptations. Till around 2003 it was believed that fruit flies adapted to larval crowding evolved greater competitive ability, invariably through the evolution […]

New smart machine for making welding operations faster, energy-efficient and eco-friendly

New Delhi, May 04, 2022: Researchers have developed smart IoT-based machine for welding ferrous tubes faster than conventional fusion welding or solid-state processes presently used with less consumption of energy. As manufacturing industries move toward advanced technologies, there is a requirement to minimise energy consumption and automate the welding process to avoid human-induced errors and also manufacture products swiftly in […]

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Plasma-based green disinfectants can limit spread of diseases like COVID 19

New Delhi, April 30, 2022: Researchers have developed a plasma-based disinfectant generated with the help of cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAP) which could act as a green decontaminant for COVID 19. The COVID 19 pandemic had brought forth the urgent need for decontaminants that can limit the spread of infectious diseases through contact. However, most decontaminants […]