Sugar-coated pouches in body fluids can help detect cancer

New Delhi, October 03, 2022: Detection of the cancer microenvironment may soon become much easier with the help of a new molecular biosensor recently developed by a team of scientists. Cancer cells secrete small pouches, namely extracellular vesicles (EV) covered with sugar molecules, Hyaluronan (HA), which has a direct link to tumour malignancy and is considered […]

Royal Society of Chemistry and CSIR work together to support chemistry in schools across India

NewDelhi, September 30, 2022: The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Council for Industry and Scientific Research (CSIR) have partnered to support an outreach programme designed to promote the chemical sciences in schools and universities. About 2000 students across the country participated in RSC’s Global Coin experiment organised across over 30 CSIR laboratories. The […]

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All Unmanned Level Crossings eliminated on Broad Gauge network of Railway

New Delhi, September 23, 2022: As on date, all Unmanned Level Crossings stand eliminated on Indian Railway Broad Gauge network. Pace of elimination of Unmanned Level Crossings increased from 1137 per year during 2009-14 as against now achieved average of 1884 per year during 2014-19. During Financial Year 2022-23, 216 Manned level crossings have been […]

Central Bureau of Narcotics destroys illicit cannabis cultivation

New Delhi, September 22, 2022: On receiving specific intelligence about illicit cannabis cultivation in Himachal Pradesh, teams of officers of CBN were formed and dispatched. Officers of CBN verified the intelligence and further carried out physical surveys resulting in detection of more areas of illicit cultivation. Subsequently, destruction operation was started with support of District […]