Jawaharlal Nehru Port Hospital, multi speciality hospital

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Hospital to be upgraded to 100-bedded multi-specialty hospital

New Delhi, March 18, 2023: Port healthcare is a niche in medical practice. The proximity of a port, ships and those on board leads to specific demands on health care. Considering this, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways has approved the upgradation of existing 50-bedded secondary care Jawaharlal Nehru Port Hospital to 100-bedded multi-specialty hospital […]

California school, Hindus, Hindu prayers, Rajan Zed, Gateway Unified School District ,GUSD

Hindus welcome prayer in a California school board, if it is rotated among religions

New Delhi, Feb 17, 2023: Hindus very much like the idea of prayer in Redding (California) headquartered Gateway Unified School District (GUSD) Board of Trustees meetings, as long as it includes the prayers of diverse religions and denominations practiced in California and the nation and the expression of non-believers. Talking about prayer; distinguished Hindu statesman […]

Buddhist pilgrims from Republic of Korea to walk for over 1100 kms on a 43-day pilgrimage

New Delhi, Feb 11, 2023: Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Apurva Chandra on February 06 announced that 108 Buddhist pilgrims from Republic of Korea will walk over 1,100 kms over 43 days as part of walking pilgrimage being organized by Sangwol Society of South Korea. Chandra added that the occasion gains importance as India […]

Hindu Society Harare , activity, 2023, calendar

Hindu Society Harare plan wide-ranging activities during 2023

New Delhi, Feb 07, 2023: Hindu Society Harare (HSH) in Zimbabwe has lined-up extensive religious and social activities, projects, celebrations during 2023. These include three daily aartis; twice-weekly yoga classes; weekly havans, Gayatri Pariwar prayer session, Mahila Mandal, Satya Sai Bhajans, Krishnanand Saraswati Prathana, Pushpanjli Bhajans, Art of Living, Swaminarayan Satsang Sabha, Hindu Bhajan Mandal, […]

Fils Unique urged to withdraw Lord Ganesha $940 cufflinks and apologize

New Delhi, Feb 05, 2023: Hindus are urging “Fils Unique”, which “handcrafts” cufflinks in New York City, to immediately withdraw Hindu deity Ganesha shaped cufflinks, calling it highly inappropriate. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, said that Lord Ganesha was greatly revered in Hinduism and was meant to be worshipped […]

California school, Hindus, Hindu prayers, Rajan Zed, Gateway Unified School District ,GUSD

Victorian Ombudsman rebuffs Hindu complaint over Parliament opening-prayer issue

New Delhi, January 01, 2023: The Victorian Ombudsman, which claims to “hold the Victorian public sector accountable to the people”, has declined to look further into the denial of Hindu opening-prayer request in Victoria Parliament in Melbourne. On taking the chair at each sitting, Victoria Legislative Council President and Legislative Assembly Speaker read the Lord’s […]

Fossil lizards and snakes indicate climate of Late Miocene hominid locality of Haritalyangar, Himachal Pradesh, India

New Delhi, December 26, 2022: Remains of fossil lizards and snakes have been discovered recently from a late Miocene hominid locality of India (dated 9.1 Million Years) in Haritalyangar, Himachal Pradesh, indicating a seasonally wet sub-humid to semi-arid climate in the area with mean annual temperature of around 15–18.6°C during that period. It was similar to condition […]