Model for optimising topography can make better surfaces for hip and knee implants

New Delhi, October 15, 2021: Indian Scientists have developed analytical models that can predict topography of electrical discharge textured (EDT) surfaces, aiding their customisation for improving hip and knee implants. Electrical discharge textured surfaces have suitable surface topography and surface chemistry to promote tissue growth and adhesion. Surface topography prediction is important in EDT surfaces […]

GI tagged sweet dish Mihidana exported to Bahrain

New Delhi, October 6, 2021: The first consignment of GI tagged sweet dish Mihidana sourced from Bardhaman, West Bengal has been exported to the Kingdom of Bahrain. The consignment of unique sweet dish Mihidana was exported to Bahrain by APEDA registered M/S DM Enterprises, Kolkata and imported by Aljazira Group, Bahrain. The sweet dish from West Bengal is being displayed […]

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PM to bring home 157 artefacts and antiquities from the US

New Delhi, September 26, 2021: 157 artefacts and antiquities were handed over by the United States during Prime Minister Modi’s visit. PM conveyed his deep appreciation for the repatriation of antiquities to India by the United States. PM Modi and President Biden committed to strengthen their efforts to combat the theft, illicit trade and trafficking of […]

‘Terrace gardening can provide us with cost-effective and nutritious foods’

New Delhi, July 10, 2021: The Vice President, M Venkaiah Naidu today received the first copy of the English translation of Thummeti Raghothama Reddy’s book on Terrace gardening- ‘Terrace Garden: Midde Thota’. The book, originally written in Telugu, chronicles Reddy’s successful journey of developing a fruitful terrace gardening practice at Naarapalle, Hyderabad. Naidu commended the […]