Danish Kaneria: Paid the price of being a Hindu

Danish Kaneria, Hindu Pakistani cricketer, match fixing

New Delhi, November 02, 2023: Pakistani Hindu cricketer Danish Kaneria has opened up about controversy surrounding his career in a note on X.

In a note to his followers  Danish Kaneria said:

I’m not banned by the ICC, nor have I fixed any international match. The England and Wales Cricket Board banned me from county cricket based solely on assumptions; no evidence or investigation found me guilty.

I admitted on Al Jazeera to introducing Anu Bhatt to the England player. But Anu Bhatt, due to whom I was banned, was already known to PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) and other cricketers.

Why do some people see feather dreams?

I confessed because I was receiving threats, my bank accounts were frozen, everything was sealed illegally, and I had no choice but to accept their terms for the sake of my family’s survival.

Yet, they still forced me to shoulder the blame, which was unjust. I didn’t even got the support from my cricket board, possibly because I’m Hindu. People like Salman Bhatt and Mohammad Amir, who were proven guilty and imprisoned, are free and were came back in the team. But despite my innocence, I continue to bear this unjust stigma.

In another post, Danish Kaneria quipped that ‘the Pakistan team is on sale! Clearly, this is how these people sold the country out. Those who were calling me a fixer, do you have the courage to speak up on this?