Goddess Lakshmi Dreams Importance And Meaning

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Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, happiness, siddhis, good luck, and health.

Thus seeing her in dream is always a sign of SUPREME BLESSING.

In the dream, if Mother Lakshmi is seen sitting at the head or equal to Lord Vishnu then it means that soon power or wealth will make a person lose sight of their purpose and Dharma.

Mother Lakshmi at the feet of Lord Vishnu means that the dreamer has developed a yogi-like temper and hold on to their senses.

They will stay awakened to higher purpose despite all the power and wealth in the world.

If you saw this dream then you may have seen that Mother Lakshmi smiles when at feet but looks haughty when around the head.

With this dream, the Supreme Soul says to treasure wealth but not get enamored or this energy will end up harming you.

Total balance and composure is needed at the height of one’s success or else their growth will stop then and there.

Seeing golden water appear from Mother Lakshmi’s kalash and fall on a dreamer means the start of their greatest time in life.

If in case, one sees golden hued water fall on a dreamer by any means, then also it implies the same.

Seeing Goddess Lakshmi grant her own garland of white lotus to the dreamer means start of their silent phase of attaining wealth.

While a pink lotus garland granted by her means that extreme power or strength for gaining fame, wealth, and supreme health has appeared due to her blessing.

Goddess Lakshmi seen with Lord Ganesha in a dream begins a new phase of great knowledge and wisdom in the dreamer’s life as a new chapter of wealth is about to begin.

Seeing Goddess Lakshmi with Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesh means that she is arriving with the full force of the Universe but is also in total control which only helps a dreamer.

A dreamer will get empowered not just with wealth but also with the sacred knowledge, common sense, and also with a sense of responsibility towards society, and self.

One who sees this dream may also see a renewed phase of an old and never ending cycle of denial of opportunities.

Or they may have seen themselves asleep in dreams.

Once you see the Goddess Lakshmi with Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesha then beware of falling into old habits as the new energy has taken shape but your old attitude may hamper its materialization.

Mother Lakshmi appearing with Lord Vishnu and garlanding him means that your Twin Flame is coming near you.

But if one sees her offer rice kheer to Lord Vishnu then it implies start of a very blissful time in the life of the dreamer as both Supreme Powers are happy and see you as part of their circle.

Seeing Goddess Lakshmi with Goddess Uma and with Goddess Saraswati means the start of your kundalini jagran and your Swadhisthana and the Manipur Chakra gaining energy from the feminine Trinity.

Seeing Goddess Lakshmi’s idol garlanded and a conch shell near her means that as she arrives, her energy would dominate the space of the dreamer.

From this point on visible changes around the dreamer would become prominent.

Goddess Durga face dream: Her consciousness has entered your space

Seeing Mother Lakshmi offer a red rose or a marigold flower to the dreamer means that she knows that they are a soul worthy of her love and she sees them as humble beings.

By Namta Gupta