Goddess Durga face dream: Her consciousness has entered your space

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Mother Goddess Durga is the supreme female energy who holds the power to bestow any number of gifts one asks.

Seeing Goddess Durga face dream is the sign of her own consciousness entering a person’s life. In short, she is ‘really’ with the person when he/she is dreaming about her. She is there with the person to know what the dreamer is really thinking at that moment in time.

Seeing Goddess Durga face in a dream is like seeing everything because in dreams it is rare to see her image so up, close, and personal. If the face, the dreamer sees is a sculpture head, then she/he must know that the wisdom, intelligence, and breaking of established patterns of life would soon happen for the dreamer as wishes would manifest at a fast pace. It is important though that the dreamer who saw such a noble dream not lower down his high-vibrational energy and loses it all to hate or anger under any circumstances since Goddess energy is pure and mother-like.

Let this energy reverberate inside you, and not the debase emotions that exist only to put an end to your personal power and goodness.

Also after seeing the Goddess Durga face dream, try to remember what she said. This is what I would call ‘word gold’ and would help you the most in the upcoming days.

Seeing a Goddess Durga face dream is significant in spiritual growth as the mind of the dreamer becomes sharp and active.

If someone has any issues with regards to his brain; fatigue or an illness or disease, then it would soon be cured and the brain would get re-energized.

If any illness regarding the ears, then that too would be removed.

Crooked or unhealthy teeth would see alignment and health, while eyesight would become sharper.

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Such a dream also brings more beauty to the dreamer’s face as Goddess Durga is also ever youthful and beautiful. The aura of the dreamer also changes to gold and would remain so till the karma remains clean.

Goddess Durga face dream, or one may even say Goddess Durga head dream, is very unique and rare to witness especially without external stimuli. So be thankful that the supreme female energy ever entered your life like this.

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