Goddess Durga dream meaning: You have earned her favor!

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Seeing a Mother Goddess Durga dream means that you have received her favor through your deeds, words, and also thoughts. A Goddess Durga dream is the sign of blossoming of otherwise dormant intuition or the sixth sense, and also, of a fearless attitude that is almost a superhuman trait; after all, aren’t we all afraid of something at some point in life? But not this lucky dreamer!

Those who see a Goddess Durga dream are supremely lucky individuals since, seeing her in a red saree and in a peaceful posture as if about to enter your space or house, is the sign of supreme contentment that the dreamer will soon feel; it is like a parched soul that got a tumbler full of cool water to replenish himself.

It is unlikely to see Goddess Durga speak to the dreamer since her appearance is enough.

But if seen in Kshatriya avatar, arms raised to strike, then no power can help the demons that are trying to harm the dreamer. In this avatar, she is unstoppable as she is the supreme female force in rage at the injustice done to the dreamer.

Goddess Durga seen atop a lion or a tiger is the sign of the ending of all miseries and hopelessness. It is like a blazing sun has just entered a dark cloudy space. If in the Goddess Durga dream, she holds a trident and gives it to the dreamer to hold, then it means she will soon empower her/him with spiritual gifts that would allow them to earn as well as defend themselves well enough.

You may ask how much is ‘well enough’? Let’s say that there is no supreme power as Goddess Durga, who slayed the mightiest of powerful demons relentlessly. If She empowers the dreamer, then who can overpower him/her?

If she gifts a lotus flower to the dreamer, then it means gaining wisdom from the sacred feminine, while if she gifts a rose then it is a sign of blossoming personal beauty. Goddess Durga being garlanded in the dream or flower petals being showered on her in the dream is the sign of victory, opulence, bravery, and also fame in the future for the dreamer. However, if the dreamer only sees her angry eyes, then this means that she will enter the life of the dreamer as a guide to protect him/her from the dark entities.

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After seeing a Goddess Durga dream, it is advised to read Durga Chalisa for the next 11 days so as to properly welcome her in your space.

By Namta Gupta