Lord Ram dream meaning: Soulmate connection, victory, and abundance!

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Those who see Lord Ram dream should know that they are now entering a space of equilibrium, and a superior sense of justice and renewed energy.

It is rare to see Lord Ram in a dream without previous external stimuli since, the energy of Lord Ram is always balanced and enlightening.

Hence, the person seeing Lord Ram dream is likely to soon enter a balanced state of mind, body, and soul.

Lord Ram in dream also heralds major life changes psychologically as well and soon a man/woman may end up gaining victories after victories without a fail.

The dreamer who saw Lord Ram dream will become fearless, classy, cool-headed, and grounded; in short, the dreamer may be the richest person in the world and yet he will never ridicule the lesser rich.

Are you the one who saw Lord Ram dream?

Then please note, that the Supreme Soul knows that even in the most excruciatingly painful moments and challenges you did not lose your humanity and thus, have imbibed Lord Ram’s finest teachings.

Lord Ram in a dream is also the soul’s call for balance; if one is feeling stifled, uprooted, or is feeling disconnected from family or friends, then Lord Ram’s appearance means that peace and tranquility will soon return and the broken hearts will be mended soon.

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If Lord Ram arrives armed and in battle mode, then it is an ominous sign for those who are hurting the innocent dreamer since this avatar is the sign of annihilation of adharma and darkness.

But if he comes in Abhay Mudra or in blessing pose while the dreamer is in the middle of a project in his/her waking life, then it is advised that the dreamer be afraid of nothing as the victory is already guaranteed.

Lord Ram in dream while seeking love or a soulmate or a life partner or considering proposing someone means that God approves of this connection and that it is a high vibrational soulmate connection which one should not let go.

If during traveling or before traveling for a job, work or a project one sees Lord Ram in dream, then be certain of a herculean victory.

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Lord Ram dream gives the dreamer freedom from all that stops a soul’s growth and makes a person fearless. Seeing this dream is a blessing so huge that words fail to even define. If you saw the Lord Ram in a dream, then on a soul level you match the vibrations of Angel Number 000.

By Namta Gupta