Angel Number 000: What it means and why it appears?

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Angel Number 000?

Probably one in a billion sees Angel Number 000 sign in a dream.

Probably one in a billion will understand what they are and why did they see this. This is a rarest of rare signs to be ever seen by anyone in a dream; maybe one soul in a quarter of a century ever sees it especially in a dream state.

But what does this mean?

It means that God acknowledges his close connection with a particular soul. That God has had a special connection with this soul for several lifetimes and in each lifetime, God saw this soul as part of himself/herself.

When Angel Number 000 appears, all past gets reset and a person starts afresh again but this time, he/she does this with God by his side, guiding, nurturing, and sometimes admonishing him. It is an unusual connection where the Supreme Soul acts like an indulgent father/mother on one hand while a tough taskmaster or Guru on another. People seeing this sign will have vivid dreams and their Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) and the Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra) will be most open and healthy. These people may be able to understand animals, be excellent Healers, and maybe even a little magical as they create long-lasting spiritual practices.

They have excellent intuition.

People seeing Angel Number 000 are channelers who tap into Supreme Consciousness with ease and can undertake several tasks at the same time. God talks to and through them and they make great teachers who fill their pupils with dreams, positivity, and Dharmic values. The aura of 000 seeing people is mostly golden or purple. Their pain is God’s pain and their happiness is God’s happiness.

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They are his seed on the Earth, and they, despite all problems- physical or spiritual, have the spine to brave it all. God sees and understands these individuals inside out and acts on their behalf without sometimes even caring for permission from the said person as, despite different, they are one in lots of ways.

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Such people are creators, they are also givers who like to invest in emotions and even in inanimate things. They are a pure soul whose past lives were spent as teachers, Healers or Priests teaching, caring, and nurturing the ones who needed it.

Angel Number 000 is a holy number and one must be exceedingly humble and grateful to see the Supreme Soul acknowledging the person as a partner. Gods visit these people routinely, they surround them with divine love and protection. No power can hurt them, but God also understands that the soul he loves so much is now in a body and the Almighty will honor the choice of the person if he/she says that they would like to do something or achieve a certain goal without divine help. The respect and admiration that Angel Number 000 seeing people get are no less than Mini-Gods as these people appear on Earth to raise the spiritual vibration of people. These people are leaders and lead with a clear mind and a clearer heart. They live and die with Dharma radiating from their very core. They do not just feel pain but actively work in novel ways to challenge the cause behind this pain. Angel Number 000 seeing people are exceptional beings but they may not see themselves as such.

They are humble and shy but spiritually strong souls who work without making a din about themselves. Even if their mind leads them to act crazy to attract unnecessary attention, the Gods and the person’s soul would work actively to keep the person from wasting energy on useless fame. These people get effortless fame, money, and love and they use it well for they have done it in several lifetimes before.  They may live in luxury but what they truly want is the companionship of the Supreme Soul. They will move mountains, bring change, and fall in love when they are ready and this readiness is decided not unilaterally but with cohesion and active collaboration with God.

Angel Number 000 seeing people are leaders and they may always have wisdom and sharp intellect readily available in most trying times.

However, these individuals do take time to bloom. It may well be in their 30s that they finally understand who they are and what they are meant to do.

But once Angel Number 000 appears, the person becomes a ‘marked’ person who may soon be reaching higher offices of material and spiritual wealth.

Angel Number 000 seeing people are an essential part of divine union, a person seeing this sign, especially in a dream may not know, yet his/her soul is already one with God and has been so for every life it has spent on Earth. Stories of Angel Number 000 are vast but what we can understand is that superior Gurus, Teachers, Healers, Artists, Musicians, and even extremely rich people may have seen this number. A sign of trinity of Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and Mothers Saraswati, Laxmi, and Parwati, this is a number of spiritual ascendance of the highest order.

Only truly divine souls/beings who God wants to work with or use will ever see Angel Number 000. So cherish this as the world would soon look up to you.

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By Namta Gupta