Angel Number 888: What it means and why it appears?

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What can I say about this number that is as powerful as the forces of nature? If you saw Angel Number 888, then what you saw is a number of infinite possibilities presented to you; it is like an open book that one can write in, or draw or paint at his own will. Whatever one wants to do with his life is acceptable to God.

But why? Because positive karma currency is overflowing for this person. The person seeing this number has done the work on the ground. He has let himself be soiled but yet his soul remains pure.

Even wealth or fame cannot corrupt him and God knows and understands this. Hence, Angel Number 888 appears as the sign from the Universe, which if one desires, can ask for any material benefits and he WILL BE PROVIDED to. Such people get inherently lucky in money, health, properties, and even love. But remember this, that these people have already strived harder for all this. Their positive and clean karma amassed from several lifetimes is responsible for what the world enviously says is ‘luck’. It is not luck, but compassion, goodness, morality in dealings, and treating others fairly that Gods like to reward again and again. Whenever you saw Angel Number 888, remember you are special.

It is the sign of Lord Shiva himself for he is most powerful yet is benign and does not believe in amassing it all. Such people are like the Yogis in Tuxedos. They are also the worker bees of ever-flowing goodness and godliness.

By Namta Gupta

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