Angel Number 101010: What it means and why it appears?

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Angel Number 101010, a sign of completion of karmic hardships. This is a sign that tells a person that all his sufferings due to bad or negative karma are over. It is also a sign of renewal of trust, faith, and love of the universe that a person can use for the betterment of his soul. Angel Number 101010 is unique and finds its feet in the binary system as well. The number also means to harness the complete potential of a soul; God or the Supreme Soul tells through this sign that the potential of a person is now surfacing and it will be used for personal as well as societal good. People who see this sign may be feeling guilty or maybe feeling stressed due to some life choices they made. But with Angel Number 101010 God tells them that all is well and in control.

It tells the person that the days of fear and guilt are gone and now the person must take the reins of his life in his hands yet again and thus he must make wiser choices. People seeing this sign must learn to express gratitude and help others (sentient beings included) as much as they can. They must remember that none is born a sinner but our choices may make us one. God understands and distinguishes between mistakes, blunders, and crimes and he holds the power to rectify mistakes, modify and close the blunders and nullify crimes. But for this extreme repentance is a  must and one must learn to live without harming others. Angel Number 101010 may also appear when a relationship has gone sour and God thinks that it is time for the person to move on. It may appear as the sign of trust from the Universe that despite all wrongdoings or mishaps, a person, deep down, is pure gold but under a lot of debris.

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Angel Number 101010 is an empowering sign that asks a person to lead and live life without fear as everything else has been taken care of. The karma slate is clean again and a chance to live again is presented.


If you are the person seeing it, then embrace this sign. If the person seeing this sign is still in guilt, then say it loud that you are open to cosmic healing so that Gods around you can help your body, mind, and soul so that your soul can feel free again.

By Namta Gupta